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Support & Tuition:


Students awarded competitive QuEST funding will receive support comparable to or above major scholarships and awards such as NSERC and the UBC 4YF. To apply for this funding see How to apply. Students not awarded the competitive funding outlined below will receive RA and TA stipends in accordance with their departmental policies (see PhAs and Chemistry).


FUNDINGQuEST MSc Award LevelQuEST PhD Award Level
GSI Tuition Award$2,000$4,615*
Competitive funding$20,000$24,000
Total Funding$26,000$34,615
Tuition Fees$4,615*$4,615
Student Fees$1,128*$1,128
Net Funding$20,257$28,872

*Tuition and fees are subject to change, GSI tuition award for PhD is linked to Tuition cost. Funding levels will be periodically adjusted to account for substantial changes in fees.


All QuEST award students receive a $2500 travel award to subsidize travel to present their work at an international conference.


QuEST award PhD students are allocated up to $5,000 for exchange/internship activties (see Exchanges/Internships for more detail).


In addition, teaching asstantships (TAs) may be available for students receiving award-level funding who are interested in gaining teaching experience, depending on demand from the departments and agreement of the supervisors.








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