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Experience comes from learning new research techniques and methodologies but also from immersion in different research and working environments.We encourage students to undertake periods of research with our partners and collaborators.


All QuEST PhD students have the opportunity to undertake one 3 to 6-month research exchange or internship with an academic partner such as Max Planck Institute or University of Tokyo.

They may also take advantage of a job shadowing or mentoring opportunity with one of our partners from the industry sector. This will usually occur in the last two years of study for PhD students and will be agreed upon by the student, the Manager of Programs and Careers, the student's supervisor(s) and the external partner (research institution or industry partner). The internships, exchanges or job shadowing opportunities should align with and enhance the student's research.


QuEST MSc/MASc students will not typically undertake an internship or exchange due to the shorter time frame allotted for research in these programs. However, a job shadowing opportunity may be arranged if it the experience will advance the student's research project. During an internship/exchange period arranged with our academic partners, students will continue to receive their regular stipend, and travel funding will be provided if required. Upon returning to UBC, internship/exchange students are required to give a seminar on the work they did during that time.

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